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Dantonio made MSU respectable, so that game matters outside of old classmates . And I married an MSU grad, so she and her family has, uh. 12/03/ - am, Nick Saban agrees. Empirical studies have produced mixed results on the relationship between a school's sports success and the . The Dantonio "disrespect" obsession/meme on this board has gone way overboard. For example: Muschamp is known as a defensive guru, Dabo is amazing at recruiting and building a culture, Saban is great at establishing.

Florida defeated Alabama in and in Georgia has a record in the game. The Crimson Tide beat Florida inlost to Florida inlost to Florida inlost to Florida inbeat Florida inlost to Florida inbeat Florida inbeat Georgia inbeat Missouri inbeat Florida in and beat Florida in Alabama has a record in the game. Boise State defeated 10 consecutive opponents by at least 20 points during the season. The only other team in major-college football history to win 12 consecutive games in one season by at least 20 points is Yale in A victory over Princeton in the season finale broke the streak.

In addition to their victories in the SEC Championship Game inandthe Bulldogs won the conference crown in,, and Of those titles, Georgia shared the championship in, and Alabama with 26 is the only school with more SEC titles than Georgia. Georgia is the home team on Saturday. During the regular season, the East won the interdivision series with the West Since losing a fumble after reaching the Kentucky yard line on their final first-half possession in a victory over the Wildcats on Nov.

Nick Saban On Relationship With Mark Dantonio

SEC Football by the Numbers: Saban has a record against top-five teams at Alabama. The victories came against No. Overall, Saban has a record against top-five opponents.

In addition to its victories in the SEC Championship Game in,andthe Crimson Tide won the conference crown in,,,,and Of those titles, Alabama shared the championship in,and Alabama leads the series under the SEC banner.

Others come armed with opinions. Finely bludgeons them with certainty. Even in the offensive meeting rooms, Finley struggles to maintain a poker face. He's here at NC State largely because of his relationship with coordinator Eliah Drinkwitz, who arrived from Boise State in and quickly wooed Finley into following him. They're tight, and yet, Drinkwitz has spent his share of time debating the merits of a play with his QB to the point that there's little good will left between them by the time the meeting's over.

He has walked a winding path to get here, and now he's hoping those lessons have equipped him for this final sprint, a last hurrah in which he overcomes his own id, learns to trust his coaches and his teammates and the media, and he finds a balance that could lead him to an ACC championship and a first-round selection in the next NFL draft.

And on Saturday, he'll get to test that balance against Clemson, the one nemesis he has yet to tame. But this time, things might be different. He'd been a starter at Boise State, but injuries left him buried on the Broncos' depth chart. Drinkwitz promised him a chance to compete for the Wolfpack.

The truth, however, was no one expected much of an impact. Last year, Finley completed 65 percent of his passes, threw for 3, yards and accounted for 20 touchdowns while leading NC State to its first nine-win season since He drew interest from scouts, but he lacked the flash of Josh Rosen or the prototype build of Sam Darnold or the gaudy stats of Lamar Jackson or Baker Mayfield, so when it came to making an NFL decision at year's end, he opted for another year of college.

In doing so, Finley made a conscious choice to become something more than he already was, to devote himself to his team, to refine his game, to open up a bit more so the rest of the world might recognize he is something special, too. He could've been in the NFL as a backup, and it wouldn't have been his team. This is his team now.

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Last year, he ascended to a leadership role on offense, but he was still second banana to the NC State defensive line, a group of seniors who all ended up being selected in the NFL draft. This year, however, Finley's the unquestioned leader of the locker room -- from reining in his dynamic receiving corps on the practice field to pushing a young defense still trying to learn the ropes. The reluctant star is now center stage. The attention is something new to Finley, a former three-star recruit from Phoenix, who'd gotten his first taste of the spotlight in Boise, Idaho, and had never even tried sushi until he got to Raleigh.

Now he has national media hounding him for interviews, NFL scouts tracking his progress, and the team's season resting on his broad shoulders. Heck, when Burnette asked his 3-year-old son what he wanted to be for Halloween this year, the kid said "Ryan Finley. There's just no replacement for experience. Sure, he has more experience than nearly anyone, with two injury-plagued seasons resulting in a sixth year of eligibility. But more important, he's the rare breed of introspective athlete, a guy who wants desperately to understand himself as much as he understands the game.

Finley has had his share. Some of them come from the field, some from his books. The one he's focused on now is about making the most of a moment.

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The one he couldn't have expected to have and now is obligated to own. They'd arrived the same time inHarmon as a freshman receiver and Finley as the transfer QB. Harmon is a gamer, and Finley is an unabashed competitor in whatever arena happens to be immediately in front of them, so the two played Madden.

Harmon won easily, and he relished rubbing it in. The two are tight now, Finley praising Harmon's work ethic in motivating the rest of NC State's receiving corps, which now appears to be among the best units in the country, and Harmon crediting his QB with allowing him to flourish on the big stage.

But it's also entirely possible that, for a few days there, Finley really did hold a grudge. That's just how he operates.

Mark Dantonio On Relationship With Nick Saban

When it comes to football, Finley's need to be the best borders on obsession. He reads everything he can get his hands on, devouring books on nutrition and leadership and exercise. He has undergone sleep studies to ensure his body receives ample recovery time.

He's an advocate of Tom Brady's TB12 method, a rigorous regime of performance enhancement. He avoids gluten in hopes of adding some heft to his wiry frame.

Burnette said he'll shoot off a text to Finley about some topic related to football, and an hour later they'll still be trading messages. He's competitive about being a great player. Finley has two master's degrees already, a perk of six years on campus. He spent his summer reading "Sapiens," a book about the history of humanity.