Hollyoaks relationship abuse articles

Why tougher domestic abuse legislation makes Hollyoaks story vital | Metro News

Hollyoaks: Home Office anti-abuse campaign features actors from the C4 drama and Nikki Sanderson, and the abusive relationship that the on-screen couple are experiencing. Read exclusive registrant only articles. A long-running storyline in teen soap Hollyoaks has been used very effectively to raise awareness of domestic abuse, writes Natalie Collins. The medium of soap - particularly Hollyoaks in recent years - has a Why the tougher domestic abuse legislation makes Hollyoaks' Share this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messenger.

Home Office 'This is abuse' campaign to appeal to teens through Hollyoaks characters

The Maxine and Patrick storyline in Hollyoaks should challenge us all about domestic abuse The Maxine and Patrick storyline in Hollyoaks should challenge us all about domestic abuse Tue 29 Jul Over the last few months Patrick's behaviour towards Maxine has grown deeply calculating and controlling.

He has left Maxine isolated from all support, fearful, feeling like she's walking on eggshells, emotionally drained and trying to second guess his every move. It's all about to come to a head in the soap this week. Maxine and Patrick are due to be married, and the plot is hanging on whether Maxine will go through with the weddingor whether she will find the strength to leave her abusive partner for good.

Patrick's behaviour oscillates between seemingly kind, caring actions and violent, abusive acts.

hollyoaks relationship abuse articles

In one of the storyline's twists, Patrick approaches Maxine's friends stating that he is being abused by Maxine. In response to this, one commentator states, " I'm finding it hard to believe this storyline if I'm honest.

hollyoaks relationship abuse articles

The responses of professionals, neighbours, friends and relatives to someone experiencing abuse from a partner will often involve incredulity and the minimising the abuse: That seems so unlike him.

However, the small amount of research that has been done in Christian faith communities shows that far from being exempt, Christian women are as likely to experience abuse as the wider community.

hollyoaks relationship abuse articles

The only difference is that Christian women is that they are likely to endure the abuse longer, having been taught to prioritise their marriage above their safety and wellbeing.

As a professional working full-time on addressing male violence against women and gender injustice, I am impressed by how thoroughly and accurately abuse is being portrayed in Hollyoaks.

hollyoaks relationship abuse articles

The calculated nature of the abuser, operating out of a desire to maintain power over and control of his partner is clearly demonstrated in Patrick's behaviour towards Maxine. He has isolated her from all support, played mind games with her, threatened and humiliated her, exhausted her and assaulted her. This is about creating a society that protects individuals and families at the earliest opportunity, before such abuse has a chance to escalate. I call on everyone, but especially those who have suffered abuse in any form, to speak out and help shape the way we approach this crime for years to come.

hollyoaks relationship abuse articles

As Hollyoaks involves characters that we have known for years and who we get to know five times a week, the issues faced by them are far more relatable than what we would see in a film or a drama in parts. Additionally, soaps have the time and the character development to properly engage the audience across the full journey — showing the signs and the emotions involved as well as the actions and the repercussions for both the victim and perpetrator.

We had a big ad campaign that ran in cinemas featuring Jeremy Sheffield and Nikki Sanderson. We felt that it was time to explore the issue again — and we have two stories running this year.

Exclusive Hollyoaks Scene for This is Abuse

An argument over the remote control turns into a battle of wits and then a literal battle. The relationship is psychological as well as physical.

Hollyoaks: Domestic violence plot between Maxine Minniver and Patrick Blake | Metro News

It is not about weakness or about being a victim. Parents, often mothers, blame themselves, suffer in silence and live in fear and shame. Hopefully we can raise awareness and understanding around this difficult subject.

From speaking to the writers and actors, I know first hand how much of a responsibility they all feel to raise this properly.

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Many abuse victims do not realise what it is they are going through and storylines such as this can encourage people to seek help and support and see that what they are going through is not okay.