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And I had the kids and then ended up with a tiny farm, so I was trying to And then I was going to write the Liveships [The Liveship Traders. Relationships By the end of the trilogy, Fitz notes that the Fool has begun to undergo a change, and that his skin and eyes The Fool appears in the Liveship Traders Trilogy masquerading as the female bead-maker Amber in Bingtown. The Fool/Tawny Man was always my absolute favorite character, and I thought .. It's a relief to hope (?) that Hobb may revisit the Fool/Fitz relationship in the.

In the ensuing chaos, Kennit's leg is bitten by the serpent, and Etta cuts it off before he can be devoured. Etta supplies Kennit with a plan to capture a liveship by herding it into a dangerous passage. They attempt the plan on the next liveship they encounter, the Vivacia.

Due to a storm and the slave revolt aboard the Vivacia, the plan is not executed properly, but the newly free slaves put up a truce flag, which enables Kennit to take control of the ship. Kennit, whose wound has become infected, informs Wintrow Vestrit that he will spare the lives of Wintrow and his father only if Wintrow successfully amputates his leg.

Edit Wintrow successfully amputates Kennit's leg, but Kennit dies shortly after the operation, and Wintrow and Vivacia work together to revive him. During the revival, Kennit's and Wintrow's memories briefly blend together. He attempts to abandon the priest Sa'Adar as well, but when the man proves reluctant, Kennit allows him back in the ship's gig. On their way back to Vivacia, Kennit pushes Sa'Adar out of the gig and leaves him to drown.

Kennit encourages Vivacia to develop an enthusiasm for piracy and challenges Wintrow's distaste and moral outrage. He cultivates competition for his attention between Etta and Vivacia. He also attempts to cultivate a sexual relationship between Etta and Wintrow, intending that Etta bear a Vestrit child that Kennit can use to control Vivacia; the two become friendly instead, with Etta educating Wintrow in knife-fighting instead of sex. Kennit sails to Divvytown, but discovers that the port has been raided and burned, and that its citizens blame him for exposing them to such dangers.

Kennit's attempts to placate them fail, and several members of the crowd move to attack him. To Kennit's surprise, both Etta and Wintrow spring to defend him. After fending off the attack, Wintrow speaks to the crowd, praising Kennit's actions and urging the remaining residents to restore Divvytown to Kennit's vision of the city.

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Kennit is amazed by Wintrow's effect on the crowd and is moved to believe the boy is his personal prophet. Kennit brings Wintrow and Etta to Other's Island. There, Wintrow discovers She Who Remembers and frees her from her imprisonment, becoming gravely injured in the process. Kennit and Etta struggle to reach the Vivacia with Wintrow, and Kennit appears to perform a miracle when She Who Remembers assists them in returning to the ship.

Edit In the wake of his supposed miracle, Kennit considers how to control his crew's impressions of him. When the memories Wintrow obtained from She Who Remembers are shared with the Vivacia, the ship's dragon persona Bolt emerges, subsuming Vivacia herself. Kennit is initially dismayed at the apparent loss of his liveship, and struggles to adjust to dealing with a dragon. Bolt assists Kennit in performing a healing on Wintrow, which further augments his crew's amazement at his apparent supernatural abilities.

He asks Bolt to convince the other serpents to serve him, and Bolt conditionally agrees. With the serpents, Kennit's piracy reaches new heights. Kennit is stunned when the refitted Paragon, captained by Brashen Trellattempts to capture the Vivacia, as Kennit had believed Paragon gone forever.

The serpents assist Kennit in thwarting the attack, and Kennit goes aboard Paragon. Paragon is upset by Kennit's bond with Vivacia and Bolt, but Kennit convinces him that they two are still as close as in Kennit's childhood.

Fitz believes the Fool is male. When masquerading as Amber, the Fool is exclusively perceived as female, though her features are noted as not especially feminine.

Likewise, Lord Golden is believed male, except by Jekwho sees Amber in disguise. When directly questioned on the matter, the Fool has said that his gender is no one's business but his own.

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Personality Edit The Fool alters his actions and mannerisms to maintain the facade of the characters he plays. As King Shrewd's jester, he is acrobatic, sing-song, and fond of publicly embarrassing most who speak to him. Lord Golden delights in finery and frippery and flirting. Some of these traits appear to be part of his intrinsic personality.

Even in private he is frequently sarcastic and takes great pleasure in teasing his friends. He comments on his delight in dressing himself and Fitz in fancier clothing, and also appears to enjoy making himself up as Amber.

However, he is also prone to graveness or even despair when reflecting on his role in the world and the tasks he feels he must accomplish. History Edit Little is known of the Fool's early life. According to him, he was born in a small village to a mother and two fathers, which was customary in his land.

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His mother had black hair and green eyes, his fathers were brothers, and he had a sister with golden hair. He was recognized as special by the people of his village and eventually taken to Clerres. This last gives him sympathy towards Girl-on-a-Dragon, and he strives to awaken her and set her free. The Fool predicts the future and uses Fitz to change it to his vision, which is not always easy on the Catalyst.

If you save part of the world, you save all of it, as that is the only way it can be done, or so he says. It is said that the Fool knows everything before it happens and that he knows if anyone, anywhere speaks of him. Others say it is just his great love of saying 'I warned you so! Perhaps sometimes this has been so, but in many a well-witnessed cases, he has predicted, however obscurely, events that later came to pass.

The Fool came to Buckkeep in the seventeenth year of King Shrewd's reign, but from where has always been a common question amongst the citizens of the keep.

Many stories have arisen, one being that he was captive of the Red Ship raiders and Bingtown traders seized him from them.

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Another is that the Fool was found as a baby upon a small boat shielded from the sun by a parasol of sharkskin and cushioned on a bed of heather and lavender.

Events Edit During the events of the Tawny Man Trilogy, he is confronted by Fitz, who is disturbed by rumours that he and the Fool's love for each other go farther then friendship.

The Fool admits to him that his love for Fitz has no bounds, and distances himself away from Fitz when he tells that he would never want to bed him.