Rp relationship

Drama Mamas: I think I'm in love with my RP partner

rp relationship

This question was first asked in our Facebook group, where it provoked an interesting discussion. It was such a great topic that I copied it over. Read Rp Relationships from the story RPing Dos and Don'ts by PeridotSU (ρ є я ι ∂ σ т) with 82 reads. mmyes. This is something I know quite well. NEVER. I'm going to teach you how to handle romance RP, both OOC and IC. Now, I wrote .. Fortunately, I haven't seen any bad relationship RP yet. 1.

An RP, as romantic as they can sometimes be, is not a dry run for your date. And yes, while you could argue that dating is inherently self-indulgent, dating and RP are so in different ways. Confusing the two is a surefire way to make sure you do not get a second date.

rp relationship

You might have an unexpected amount in common, or maybe you and your date are the least compatible people on the planet. Either way, the inability to plot these neat points leaves these discoveries as just that: Being able to go with the flow as you learn more and more can only make the experience better, even if you decide never to see the person again. Which brings us to the crux of dissimilarity between the two; an RP is easy.

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A date — a relationship — involves much more compromise and work. In coming to an agreement on a certain subject, there first needs to be the potential to disagree, the potential for quarrel.

Like everything else, argumentation is an entirely different beast in the dating-verse. Justifications in these arenas are by no means equateable.

A Typical Miiverse Relationship 16 - Furry RP

In an RP, finding canonical evidence to support your creative decisions is often how arguments are settled. But not to worry, brave adventurer!

rp relationship

Share Save Drama Mamas Lisa Poisso and Robin Torres are experienced gamers and real-life mamas -- and just as we don't want our precious babies to be the ones kicking and wailing on the floor of the checkout lane next to the candy, neither do we want you to become known as That Guy on your realm. Throughout history, there have been more songs written about love than any topic.

rp relationship

Sad songs, happy songs, angry songs -- all of the facets of love have been and will continue to be explored in popular music. And as long as there has been roleplaying, people have been falling in real love with each other through playing fake characters. Keep reading for fake love turning into real love and me going off on a tangent about love songs.

Dear Drama Mamas, I've been a roleplayer for several years, and for the first time I developed a crush on my character's in-game partner. Our characters have been a couple for six months. While their relationship evolved from flirting and banter into deep, passionate love and then sharing a home, our out-of-character relationship tightened too. We would flirt, exchange secrets we told no other soul, pull all-nighters chatting. He really is a charming, understanding, considerate and giving person.

Drama Mamas: I think I'm in love with my RP partner

The problem is that my feelings for him are probably one-sided. When in character, he declares his endless love to my character in a convincing manner -- in Darnassian.

rp relationship

But often he logs on one of his alts and says similar things to another girl, only in Orcish, Draenei or Zandalari. I understand that RP love isn't real; I'm not a psycho. It still feels like hell. I know it's just a game and I might be taking it too far, and as roleplayers we're expected to build high walls between ourselves and our characters.

But I've seen it happen all the time in the RP community: People fall for their in-game partners, cross oceans and circle the planet to be with the person behind their beloved elf or troll.

Who says such love is inferior compared to meeting someone at a bar or a party?

Is it wrong to RP a relationship, when you are in a relationship yourself?

Why should I feel guilty about breaking the separation rules and translating my character's emotions into my own? Why am I forbidden to feel this twinge when I see his alt kissing some other char and whispering loving words into her lengthy elf ear? I can't even tell him how I feel about it, because it'll show that I took my walls down. So right now I have two choices: The other would be to cut off this unhealthy RP relationship entirely, move my char to another server so I won't have to observe his other romantic explorations and cry, while pretending I'm cool about it.

I'm prone to choose the second option, assuming he doesn't see me in the same light. Why else would he be shagging half the server otherwise? What do you think I should do? Someone, don't ever, ever, ever take advice from love songs.

Music is great for exploring emotions and getting into a mood, but songs are just terrible at giving relationship advice. Here are some examples: Love, love will keep us together No, no it won't.

Communication, understanding, not shagging half the server -- these are what will keep you together. All you need is love I love The Beatles, but really, love doesn't pay the bills, make you dinner or take care of little Johnny while you're raiding ICC. Love will find a way The swan song of the truly desperate. For those familiar with that particular episode of Cheersthe swan song of the truly desperate was "opposites attract," but I think both statements are related in this context.

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Streisand was telling a story with her songnot suggesting you put yourself through the same anguish.