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In , Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast was released. . or a "saber staff", similar to Darth Maul's double ended lightsaber in The Phantom Menace. Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast is a first and third-person action game in the Star Wars: Jedi Knight series released in The Microsoft Windows and. Star Wars Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast - PC: Video Games. Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy - PC by LucasArts $ .. that if you miss one key component you could spend an hour trying to complete at no end). . Careers · Blog · About Amazon · Press Center · Investor Relations · Amazon Devices.

As in the previous games, Light Side powers are mainly focused around protection and healing, while Dark Side powers are openly aggressive.

Unlike previous games, however, Kyle does not exclusively select Light or Dark powers in the single-player, instead receiving a selection of both. Single-player[ edit ] The single-player campaign follows Kyle Katarn as he moves through the levels in a linear manner, meeting friendly and hostile non-player characters NPCs.

Friendly NPCs will occasionally assist the player in combat. In addition to combat, the campaign features a variety of puzzles. When the game starts, Kyle has forsaken The Force after the events of the previous game, and as such, the player has no access to a lightsaber or any Force powers. However, after the first two missions, Kyle regains his Force abilities.

As the game progresses the number of powers available, and their strength, increase. Progression of Force abilities is fixed, and cannot be customized. Multiplayer[ edit ] Jedi Outcast features a set of multiplayer modes. In the PC and Macintosh versions, these can be played over a LAN or the Internetbut combat is limited to two players on the console versions. He or she can choose the player model with access to nearly every character in the game, as well as some characters from the films not seen in the single-player mode and lightsaber color.

Before a match, the server specifies the game rules, including "Force ranking", which controls how many points the players have available to allocate into Force powers. Players then customize their powers for the match. The server can also choose to disable normal weapons so as to create lightsaber-only matches. Plot[ edit ] Setting and characters[ edit ] The single-player game is set in 12 ABY, eight years after the events of Return of the Jedi and around two years after the events of Mysteries of the Sith.

As with Star Wars Jedi Knight: At the start of the game he is a mercenary working for the New Republic. Other enemies include Imperial stormtroopersnumerous thugs and soldiers infused with the Force known as the "Reborn".

However, when they arrive, they find the base crawling with Imperial forces. They fight their way through the base, discovering a research center studying crystals similar to those used to power lightsabers. Katarn thwarts the Imperial operations, but not before Jan is captured by the Dark Jedi Desann and his apprentice Tavion. In Mysteries, the "Capture the flag" mode is altered, with the gradual reduction of the Force powers of the player who is carrying the flag. Multiplayer mode is limited to two players on the Xbox and GameCube versions of the game.

For the majority of the series, the player controls Kyle Katarnwho begins as a mercenaryeventually learning the ways of The Force, becoming a Jedi Master and teaching at the Jedi Academy.

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Prior to the events of Dark Forces, Katarn was a student studying to follow in his father's career of agricultural mechanics. However, while at an academy, he was told by officials that the Rebel Alliance had killed his parents.

His anger led him to enlist in the Imperial armywhere he soon met Jan Orsan undercover double agent working for the Alliance. Ors uncovered the real information about Katarn's parents; they had actually been killed by the Empire. Shortly thereafter, Ors' cover was blown, and she was taken prisoner. Katarn helped her escape, thus ending his career with the Empire. He then became a mercenary, and due to his hatred for the Empire, regularly took on jobs for the Alliance. The Rebel Alliance uses the plans to find a weakness in and then destroy the Death Star.

Katarn then aids the Rebels in stopping the threat of the Imperial "Dark Trooper" project. Despite the successful missions on behalf of the Alliance, however, Katarn does not join their cause. His father, Morgan Katarn, had discovered the location of "The Valley of the Jedi", a source of great Force power, but a Dark Jedi named Jerec murdered Morgan in an attempt to find the location.

Katarn travels to the Valley of the Jedi while learning the ways of the Jedi himself. Eventually, he confronts and defeats Jerec, avenging his father's death. During this time, Katarn learns of a Sith temple on the planet Dromund Kaas. The way the game is originally set up, you automatically switch to a third person view when you use the Lightsaber, and a first person view when you use any other weapon One cute note about the Trip Mines: When placing a Trip Mine, figure out where it should go so that when a character breaks the beam or triggers the proximity sensorthey'll be closest to the Mine - and if you place several together, they'll all go off at once in sympathetic detonation, making a much bigger explosion and almost guaranteeing a kill.

Just remember that other characters - whether human or AI Bots - aren't all that stupid, and will find ways to avoid the beam if they can. In "Nar Shadda Streets", the Trip Mines can be found at the top, way above the area with the two square holes in the ground.

For the most part, though, you'll just use your hotkeys. Note that JUMP doesn't have a hotkey assigned to it The longer you hold down the 'jump' key, the further you'll go. On the higher difficulty levels, you'll have to hit your 'use' key on the way down in order to "stick" your landing and not fall over. The other Force powers in the game are all associated with your Lightsaber And finally there's "Lightsaber Defense" which has three levels Unlike previous games, you don't have a choice of what Force power to get when In the walkthrough, at the beginning of each level I'll list the Force updates.

As you acquire the different levels and become more powerful, you'll be able to control someone for a longer period, and can even take on Reborn If there are enemies of yours in the area, your new Mind Tricked ally will fight them The Lightsaber has several 'styles', including 'fast' and 'strong' -- you'll have to advance through the game to get each style.

Hit 'L' on your keyboard default to cycle through the various styles After you get the Lightsaber back, you'll have 'Medium' style You'll be able to 'chain' up to five attacks - that is, you can do five attacks different or the same in a row and they'll all go smoothly, flowing from one to the next.

Medium is also the best mode for going up against multiple enemies Get used to fighting with the Lightsaber Both Lightsaber Attack and Lightsaber Defense have three levels. One thing you can do with Lightsaber Throw, even on level 2, is to hold down your secondary fire key and move around - the Lightsaber will be trying to return to your hand, but it's being held out there This will last as long as your mana does.

Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast - Walkthrough (PC)

Check out the manual for the various types of attacks you can make Get used to using your Jedi powers and the Lightsaber at the same time Your sidestep moves default keys are 'A', 'D', and 'V' can come in very nicely during a fight If you miss, however There are various moves you can make with the Lightsaber during your fights Play around with your Lightsaber and learn them all JUMP towards or over an opponent, and while in mid-air wiggle the mouse around and slash - Kyle will flip over in mid-air, slashing downwards on the unprotected opponent.

Run towards you opponent, and while running crouch and slash - this one brings you in low, under their defenses. To stab backwards, you need to be facing away from your opponent be careful! Move the mouse to turn while slashing Kyle sweeps in a big circle, which can sometimes get an opponent unawares but it also leaves Kyle wide open for retaliation. If you decide to keep swinging as you run just hold down both your primary attack key and your run keyKyle will do a kind of destructive ballet, spinning around as he runs, sweeping and slashing with the Lightsaber.

This can, of course, leave you wide open to retaliation And you might want to note that swinging your Lightsaber as you SPEED around the place can be a little disconcerting - because of the slight graphics distortion caused by Force Speed especially the highest levelyour aim might not be as good as usual There are many more moves you can make Just remember that the Lightsaber - while beautifully defensive as well as offensive - is not a shield.

There are a pair of cheats that aren't really cheats One of the is "saberColor" Note that you must have the cheats enabled in order to do this. You can change your Lightsaber's color at any time, as many times as you want The six colors available to you are blue, green, red, orange, purple and yellow. The other Lightsaber cheat just removes the PG rating of the Lightsaber Again, it doesn't actually affect the game, just the way you see it.

In either case, make sure you type in the cheat exactly as listed, with the appropriate capitalization and spacing. As with any other cheat, they only last as long as the current level The easiest way is to set up a couple of hotkeys with binding see further down in this document. And a sillier note The main thing to remember is that with the good guys, you need to keep them alive for the most part Jan Ors - your pilot and friend She fires the Stormtrooper Rifle at a rapid rate, but isn't that great a shot.

Mon Mothma - the leader of the Rebellion; only in two cutscenes. Artus Prisoners - one will give you information; the others you need to keep alive. Morgan Katarn - the ghost of Kyle's father; you'll meet him only in one cutscene. Luke Skywalker - for the most part you'll meet him only in cutscenes, but there is one area where he battles alongside you However, you do need to make sure that you keep him alive.

Lando Calrissian - you'll need his help in Bespin and other places. Lando's R5 - it's got the codes you need to navigate Bespin, so keep it 'alive'. Cloud City Guards - they can be somewhat helpful, but if they die, they die. Republic Troops - again, they can be helpful The closest anything comes to being neutral are some of the droids; the R2, the R5, the C3 and the 'mouse' droid - there are times when you'll need one of these droids, so it might not be a good idea to 'kill' them immediately.

There's also the Gronk Droid - but these are more for noisy decoration than anything else; kill 'em all if you want. Stormtroopers of all types, and various Imperials - all of these are part of the "Remnant" sounds like an old couch. There are also various Dark Jedi, called the "Reborn" The Reborn have various levels You'll also run into enemies like the Shadow Troopers, who aren't exactly wimps you'll see Stormtroopers - three or four different types Imperial Officers - Brown and Black, some will have Keys Swamp Troopers - the water version of the snow hats Shadow Troopers - Stormtrooper Jedis, basically Tavion - Desann's apprentice interesting outfit and tattoos Desann - lizard breath, mondo nasty Mechanicals: Probe Droids Sentry Droids - rapid-fire circular flying machines Binding is for those commands that aren't listed in your setup okay, the cheats.

This way you can create a macro hotkey for any command you can think of, providing you don't run out of keys on your keyboard. Note that none of it needs to be capitalized, except for letters in the command itself, such as: Any key can be bound Even better, use your keypad keys presuming you're using a full size keyboard for commands and controls in your Setup, freeing up a slew of other keys for binding.

I've also bound "saberColor yellow" to F11, and "npc spawn Tavion" to F Most of it is for spawning Obviously, you'll only need to bind commands that can't be found in your setup in other words, cheats Cheats are listed at the end of this document. I'm not going to list every time you should save; kick out to the game menu your 'Esc' key often enough to save a level, and use your Quicksave default 'F10' at many points during a level in progress.

This walkthrough was written using the "Padawan" and the "Jedi Master" difficulty levels the easiest and the hardestbut there's not too much difference between the difficulty levels. Higher levels will have tougher enemies they won't die as quicklyand fewer items scattered about the area. A few things will be slightly different You will also start out with less Health and Armor Shields on the higher levels, and you'll only be able to increase them to a certain level.

At the "Padawan" beginner level, you'll be able to bring your Armor all the way up to The Demo available for "Jedi Outcast" should be considered as a completely separate level, as it's not part of the game like previous Katarn demos were.

The Demo is Even though the Demo is quick and very easy, I'll explain it thoroughly for those of you who have never played a "Jedi Knight" game before. Make your way through the remnant base to reach Jan and the Raven's Claw. Engage remnant forces in the area. Your only weapons are the Lightsaber and the Bryar Pistol to start.

From where you start, head down the walkway Watch out for snipers on the walkways and in the guard rooms to either side. As you approach the door you'll hear a mechanical sound and an electronic voice saying "Man the defenses" When a door is green-lit like that, it will open automatically when you approach it In this next room, kill everyone This particular lift will run automatically as soon as you get on, but others will need a switch thrown.

At the top, notice the switch next to the lift You'll run into that place about halfway through the full game, when you're hot on the trail of In the guard room up here, kill the Imperial Officer and get his Security Key You can blow out the windows in this room, but it's a long way down There probably won't be anyone in here nowbut you'll see a green- glowing machine Just aim your crosshairs at it and hit your 'use' key, and you'll see your Armor meter the green section of your Health meter on the left increase.

In the outer room you'll notice a pair of racks on the wall containing weapons The little red and white object in the rack is an Instant-Use MedPack, used for restoring your Health a bit at a time. Through the right arch as you entered this first room is the other guard room, and this one has an orange Ammo Regenerator in it - again, just aim and hit your 'use' key. There's a crate on the floor just through the right arch with a blinking red light on the side Sometimes they're unlocked, sometimes they need a Key In this case, this one is locked.

There's nothing up here, but it can be done. Kill off everybody in this area - watch out for the gun Turret in the room to the right of the ramp, then go to that locked door As soon as you go through it