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Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max - Sony PSP By Capcom (Sep 8, ) (sony_psp) They even made an inspired joke about it in Street Fighter V's arcade mode via Balrog's "Street Fighter 1" ending. .. Having Rolento on drums is just plain inspired. . Even then, the Balrog/Ed relationship really works and leads to a shockingly. Character Relationships Edit . In Street Fighter Alpha 3, Rolento remembers Cody as a powerful fighter from the past, and searches In his ending, Rolento confronts and defeats Seth, feigning an offer to make a deal with him, before using. Cody (コーディー, Kōdī) is a video game character who debuted as the lead character of Capcom's beat-em-up Final Fight. He would appear as a playable character in several Street Fighter titles beginning with Street Fighter Alpha 3 In this game, Cody had ended his relationship with Jessica (who has since left Metro.

His absence from the second game was explained in that he was taking a vacation with Jessica during the time of Final Fight 2. Cody makes a cameo appearance in Guy's Final Fight-themed home stage in Street Fighter Alpha 2where he is being cuddled by his girlfriend Jessica at the left corner of the stage; if a female character is in front of Cody, he will draw his attention away from Jessica and towards the female fighter for a moment until an envious Jessica slaps Cody in the face and regains his attention.

The couple makes a similar cameo appearance in Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighterin which they're among the spectators watching the fight at the background of the "Mall Madness" stage.

His next major appearance was in 's Street Fighter Alpha 3being the fourth Final Fight character to appear in the Alpha sub-series. In this game, Cody had ended his relationship with Jessica who has since left Metro City to study abroad in Europe and became a convicted felon, having been thrown into jail after becoming a vigilante. Bored with his peaceful life, Cody had wandered the streets looking for any riffraff he could find, and subsequently beat them into submission until he was finally caught and jailed.

Instead of his jeans and white T-shirt from Final Fight, Cody's wardrobe now consists of a blue-and-white striped prison uniform with handcuffs on his wrists which he is actually able to remove when he taunts his opponent, but fights wearing them anyway and stubble on his face.

His fighting style in the game is modeled after his abilities from Final Fight. During his single-player storyline, Cody is challenged by Birdie and ends up joining forces with his friend and former ally Guy in his fight against M.

Cody would appear in two subsequent Final Fight games following his appearance in Alpha 3. Final Fight Revengean American-developed 3D fighting game based on Final Fight also released infeatures Cody from within his depiction in the original Final Fight. In his character's ending, he gets arrested by police officer Edi E.

Charlie and Guile confront Bison in the Psycho Drive room of Shadaloo headquarters and Charlie sacrifices himself to hold off Bison while the entire base explodes. As always, for the more complete details, check out the character bios.

Street Fighter Alpha 3 Boss Battles The first character is the one you play as when that battle takes place For example, if it says "Ryu vs Sagat" It's talking about the mid boss battle with Sagat you fight while you play as Ryu. A note about the final boss battle with Bison: As stated above, nearly all of these probably didn't happen. The only confirmed ones to fight Bison are Ryu sortaSakura with Ken, Rose, and all thirteen Dolls it's possible that Cammy's battle with Bison took place right after all other twelve Dolls fought him, or that Cammy arrived in the middle of it to help them out, too.

Juli's ending shows this a little, too, since Cammy arrives as Juli is fighting Bison or right after Juli loses consciousness to him or what have youall of which Capcom has officially stated happened. Also, for further details on the more storyline significant battles to each character, see the Masters Character List for more details. Adon vs Ken - Pointless filler battle and thus probably did not happen. Adon vs Rose - Pointless filler battle and thus probably did not happen.

Adon vs Bison - Bison challenges Adon for the hell of it. Like all boss battles with Bison in SFA3 besides the confirmed ones, this did not happen. Akuma vs Adon - Adon finally finds Akuma. If this battle happened, it happened after Adon's storyline search for Akuma when you play as Adon, obviously. Whether it actually happened or not, regardless, who knows? Adon himself is left on a non-definately-resolved plotline, there. Akuma vs Guy - Guy wants to stop Akuma from seeing Bison for some reason.

Well, Capcom did state that Bushin was opposed to Akuma because Akuma disrupted the flow of nature for some reason, but I'd be surprised if this fight happened. Akuma vs Bison - Bison challenges Akuma for the hell of it. Balrog vs Gen - Balrog lays the beatdown on Gen for beating up Shadaloo members. This fight probably just exists because Capcom wanted to show more in-game about how Gen knew about Shadaloo and beat up its members while looking for worthy opponents, which is official statement.

This particular battle with Balrog, however, most likely did not happen. Pretty important to Balrog's ending. This battle probably happened due to that, assuming how much you care to think Balrog's ending is canon in any form see character list for how that probably works out. Officially did not happen. Honda - Pointless filler battle and thus probably did not happen. Birdie vs Blanka - Pointless filler battle and thus probably did not happen.

Birdie vs Balrog - Bison sicks Balrog on Birdie. Real way it happened is probably Balrog vs Birdie above. His own ending where Chun-Li and Charlie arrest him at the Psycho Drive gets in the way of Guile's ending which officially happened, so Birdie's own ending definately didn't happen.

The real way his search for the Psycho Drive seems to have gone, if it occurred at all, is Balrog's ending without attributing the psycho drive's destruction to Birdie and Balrog, just like everyone else's ending that involves destroying it besides Guile'sand thus I highly doubt he ever confronted Bison in SFA3. Blanka vs Dan - A 'for-fun' battle that is a large basis of Blanka's SFA3 storyline, which doesn't contradict with any other storylines once you get rid of the destroy Bison and psycho drive aspects, etc, and thus probably did happen.

Blanka vs Zangief - Pointless filler battle and thus probably did not happen. Blanka vs Balrog - Pointless filler battle and thus probably did not happen. Blanka vs Bison - Bison challenges Blanka to make into a guinea pig. Cammy vs Dhalsim - Dhalsim notices that Cammy is beginning to develop her self-conscious.

This battle might have happened. Not really too important either way, but I do lean towards it happening since there's nothing else that Dhalsim really gets to do in SFA3. Cammy vs Vega - Vega has been sent to investigate on Cammy.

This battle definately did happen, since it's important to Cammy's and Vega's storylines that have been officially stated to have happened in SFA3. Cammy won this battle she had to in order to reach and fight Bison, which also officially happenedbut Vega's dialogue indicates that he purposefully threw the match. Cammy vs Juni and Juli - A seemingly pointless filler battle, but it most definately did happen, as shown by Juli's storyline. Odds are this is when Cammy met with the other Dolls to get them all to fight against Bison, which officially did happen.

Cammy vs Bison - Bison decides to finally exterminate Cammy, personally. This battle officially happened, with some added bits from official statements. Capcom has stated that all thirteen Dolls rebelled against Bison together, so Cammy almost definately picked up Juni and Juli from her battle with them. Charlie vs Cammy - Charlie apprehends Cammy. Mere existance of it contradicts Cammy's storyline, which did happen, and Charlie's ending generally didn't happen, so all evidence points to that this battle didn't happen.

Charlie vs Rolento - Capcom officially stated Charlie never met Rolento. Oo Why does Capcom keep making Charlie fight Rolento if they never officially meet in the actual official storyline? Well, guess there's no other "corrupt army soldier" character that Capcom has, but bleh.

Anyways, this battle didn't happen. Charlie vs Bison - Didn't happen in the form that playing as Charlie portrays it in. The true way it happened was Guile's storyline.

Actually, this battle might have happened.

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There's no indication that Chun-Li arrested Birdie here, so Birdie could continue his own storyline, and also, Birdie tells Chun-Li that he has business in Thailand, which is probably him seeking out the Psycho Drive.

Chun-Li's battles and ending from here on when you play as her completely contradict Cammy's official storyline, that did officially happen, in SFA3. Didn't happen for the same reasons as Chun-Li vs Cammy. This did not happen. Cody vs Birdie - I dunno.

Dialogue indicates that Birdie is representing a generic Metro City thug, here, and not Birdie from England. I can't figure out why else Birdie would say "You used to be something around here. Oo Cody vs Guy - Guy tries to reform Cody. Final Fight One dialogue shows that this battle did happen. At any rate, this is generally a pointless filler battle that thus, like the majority of SFA3 battles with Bison, did not happen. Guy never got that close to Bison, anyways, so the majority of Cody's ending up until the destruction of Bison most definately didn't happen though Guy wanting to reform Cody definately did, as shown by Final Fight One dialogue.

Dan vs Chun-Li - Hilarious joke battle, but not really any story relevance, and Blanka's storyline seems to be the true way Dan's storyline played out in SFA3, so I don't think this one happened or any of Dan's SFA3 boss battles when you play as him, for that matter. I'd be surprised as heck if this battle happened. Dan vs Balrog - Pointless filler battle and thus probably did not happen. Dee-Jay vs Adon - Pointless filler battle and thus probably did not happen.

Dee-Jay vs Sagat - Ditto. While the previous one led into this one, neither are important to Dee-Jay's overall SFA3 plot at all. Dee-Jay vs Bison - Ditto once again. Dhalsim vs Rose - Dhalsim tries to convince Rose not to rush into things. Most of Dhalsim's tenure when you play as him seems Dhalsim vs Birdie - Dhalsim reads Birdie's mind to find out location of Shadaloo hideout.

He was sent to investigate Shadaloo due to causing corruption in the military, as well as involvement in global drug trading.

Why did Cody do to get put in jail?

He eventually confronts Bison, but ends up dying by his hand, with each of the Alpha games giving possibilities as to his fate. It was strongly suggested that Charlie was still alive, as there was no trace of any bodies at the site where he presumably died. In addition, it was revealed that he was the one who rescued Abel from the Shadaloo base where he was being held.

It is revealed that his Alpha 2 ending is the canon one, and he survived the fall, being saved by a Russian woman named Helen. After learning of his betrayal, and the fact that he has been written off as dead by the military, Nash is left only with hatred and rage, swearing that he will kill Bison by any means necessary. Qualifies on all accounts, being the man who taught Guile everything he knew and whose memory inspires him throughout the events of II and IV.

While it's unknown how they measure up in the present, Charlie was explicitly mentioned to be Guile's better when it came to fighting, as seen with his one-handed and leg-fired Sonic Booms and backwards Somersault Shells; this was even reflected in gameplay come Alpha 3, where Guile's specials were weaker and less effective than Charlie's.

Given the fact that Guile can only perform a Charlie-style Flash Kick during his Flash Explosion ultrait's possible that Guile is still far below Charlie at his peak. He has a exaggerated forelock. A very dark example. Charlie's desire to kill M. Bison, while fundamentally good, is born from his desire for revenge, and he is willing to do almost anything if it means accomplishing his goal, up to and including killing his former friends if necessary.

He's implied to be skilled at analyzing opponents. If you can analyze and predict, fighting is actually quite simple. Dead or alive, if your moves are so obvious, they'll never work on anybody.

I've always been able to, ever since back then A college graduate with a major in biology. One of his winposes has him pull a book out of his vest and start reading. Back for the Dead: The cinematic story mode reveals that this is his sole purpose for returning.

He briefly fights alongside his former allies, and then sacrifices himself when he realizes that he can't stop Bison, but Ryu can, so he uses every last bit of strength that he has to weaken Bison enough so that Ryu can finish him off.

Back from the Dead: Subverted; Despite being back up and walking, Charlie is no less dead than he was before V, and it's implied that his body only has a short amount of time before it fails. Charlie was Guile's closest friend and taught him literally everything about fighting that he knows. To this day, Guile still cherishes his memory. Charlie's ki and associated attacks are mentioned to be wind based. In V, he appears to have been crudely put back together in the form of a Frankenstein's Monster.

His body is covered in staples, and his right forearm, right shoulder, and part of his head has been replaced with ashen gray transplants. To Guile as of V. He still calls the vast majority of his attacks in one way or another. While his personality has become far sinister, it's pretty clear that whatever procedure was used to bring him back has made him significantly stronger, allowing him to utilize teleports and a strange, dark green shadow mist for his Super.

Then it turns out to be subverted when Charlie discovers that his dead body has limits that can never be surpassed; in other words, no amount of Heroic Spirit or Heroic Resolve will ever grant him a powerup like the living characters. His gameplay trailer for V reveals that the strange green jewel embedded into his forehead was surgically attached, and there are several more stitches adorning his body.

These stitches are shown to be attached to darker-colored skin across his arms and even the right side of his facewhich could mean that said skin may either be burned, or not his own.

To top it all off, his personality is significantly darker. This is definitely not the Charlie we remember from Alpha. At the end of Alpha 2. But it appears that somebody had some His Alpha 2 ending, in which a U. V confirms that this was Charlie's canon fate. One of Charlie's grabs in SFV has him slip behind the opponent, put them in a sleeperhold, and then toss them aside, all while shouting "Go to sleep! Although generally serious, in Street Fighter Alpha 3, Charlie gained a winquote: Are you mad at me?

Did I 'tick' you off? Cruel and Unusual Death: Charlie appears to die in the story of every single game he appears in, and it's never truly dignified; at best he gets a Heroic Sacrifice. Worse endings of note include being ambushed by Bison and being betrayed by corrupt military personnel. And even though he does get something resembling a heroic death, he dies at a very young age; he is in his mid-late 20s at the time of Alpha 3.

Bison himself acknowledges this; Bison: So not only does he not get a truly dignified death, but now he doesn't even get a Heroic Sacrifice. That comes in V's cinematic story. Gives his opponent a menacing one right before unleashing Judgement Saber. In the Alpha series. This is surprisingly carried over to Street Fighter V, although turned down like most of his endearing traits. He can be heard muttering "Too easy Defiant to the End: Spends his seemingly last few minutes fighting Bison, and, according to accompanying comics, mocking Bison's failure every second of them.

Died in Your Arms Tonight: His V arcade mode ending has him deal the final blow to Bison rather than Ryu, but he still ends up giving his life in the process. This time he dies in Guile's arms with a smile on his face.

His win quotes against Cammy and Chun-Li in V shows that his obsession with revenge has so blinded him to reason that he is perfectly willing to kill his former allies if they get in his way.

To Chun-Li Get in my way again, and I'll kill you where you stand. To Cammy If you were his servant, then you are just as guilty. Nash used to be a charge character, playing almost exactly like Guile, but in V he is a motion character with a more offensive edge. Being an advanced Revenant Zombie tends to have that effect.

Also, since he's on Borrowed Timehe's not going to get his tasks done by turtling around. The Dog Bites Back: Despite being a living exemplar of justice, Charlie is routinely rewarded with betrayals and tragedies throughout his backstory. Upon his return he questions just what use it is to help others, when all he was rewarded with was pain and suffering. Since Guile needs his best buddy to stay dead in order to have the motivation to tear out Bison's spinal cord and jam it up his assCharlie must die in every ending to keep the universe from going out of whack.

This was almost averted in Alpha 3, where Charlie actually survived, but Guile's inclusion in the home ports rectified this "oversight". Nash in Japan, Charlie everywhere else. Averted ever since Guile was seen holding a "Charlie Nash" dog tag in his Street Fighter IV story mode, consolidating the full name in canon and allowing them to safely bill him as Nash across all regions in Street Fighter V. Heavily Type I, though fortunately not in an irritatingly stereotypical way. He's basically Guile turned up a notch.

Charlie teleports towards his opponent who becomes surrounded by a black mist. While the opponent searches for him, Charlie rises up behind them, a sinister gleam flashes across his glasses, and then he slams a vertical Sonic Hurricane into the opponent's head.

Nash's V-Skill, Bullet Clear, lets him reach out and pluck projectiles out of the air coming his direction, transforming them into energy for the V-Trigger. This becomes a crucial plot point in the Cinematic Story Mode where he uses his power to drain Bison of his Psycho Power and weaken him enough for Ryu to finish him off.

The Tragedy Assault, in which Charlie performs a flying leap and slams his opponent into the ground by their face before infusing them with Ki and tossing them away. His new design features a good third of his face composed of ashen grey skin held together by massive staples, plus a gem embedded in his forehead. In Alpha he was an incredibly handsome man, loved by both fangirls and fanboys alike.

In V, however, the Body Horror that he was subjected to has left horrifying marks not only in his psyche, but in his body. His Sonic Move V-Trigger allows him to teleport above, behind, or infront of his opponent.

He dies in all of his endings, including X-Men vs. The only exception is Street Fighter Alpha 3, although they "fixed" this "oversight" by having him die again in Guile's ending for the console versions. The Street Fighter IV Character Relations chart by Capcom revealed that Charlie raided a Shadaloo base and rescued Abel purportedly in the interim between Alpha 3 and IV, providing an early hint towards his return and grudge against Bison, as well as the part in the cinematic story of SFV where Abel recognizes Nash walking away at the Kanzuki mansion as he recovers from the corrupting influence of Psycho Power which Nash had just Bullet Cleared out of his system.

It may also help make sense of the Continuity Snarl that was presented in his return story with his Alpha 2 death established as his canon death, retconning out his Heroic Sacrifice in Guile's Alpha 3 campaign mode.

Unlike Guile, who was added to Alpha 3 for the console editions, Nash was in the original arcade release, and in Nash's own campaign, he tracked down Bison, survived their fight, and destroyed the secret Shadaloo base Bison was using at the time. The implication was the events of Nash's campaign took place at some point in the past, presumed at the time to be prior to the events of Guile's, however with the latter's retcon they also could've easily taken place before his Alpha 2 death.

The hint that he rescued Abel may have been a part of that mission, and it might be related to why he lost his cool and decided to go after Bison alone in Alpha 2 according to his prologue flashback in V. In any case, Abel recognizing Nash confirms the details of the chart. Nash's comments after fighting Ryu on how much stronger he expected the latter to be with the power of the Satsui no Hado foreshadow a major hint about A Shadow Falls.

Dhalsim explaining that Ryu needs to face his Hado instead of suppressing it so that he can control the power and not the other way around turns out to be the answer that Ryu needed in order to push forward with his training, and between getting humbled via curb stomped by Bison in his attempt at vengeance and having his conscience stirred by Rashid's mention of his missing friend, Nash realizes he lacks the ability to kill the Dictator but Ryu may be able to.

So he decides to use the little time he has left to rejoin his friends, then come back and fight Bison again as part of their final assault on Shadaloo so he can gorge on Bison's Psycho Power via Bullet Clear until his body overloads and explodesweakening Bison enough so that Ryu, who just mastered the Hado and turned back Necalli decisively, would be able to destroy him.

His Heel Realization in his winquote against Necalli about a battle of monsters; the way his prologue story establishes that he'd been losing his cool about Bison as far back as his fateful Alpha 2 mission as well as that his current state is "dead man walking"; in fact, anything he says during gameplay, winquotes, or prologue scenes that isn't handing around death threats; all hint at the fact that Nash actually still has his own mind and his Tunnel Vision about killing Bison up until halfway through A Shadow Falls is not an unnatural side effect of coming Back from the Dead.

He has major trust issues thanks to his own military's betrayal, his already-burning hatred for Bison has been stoked even further by the extent of Shadaloo's reach and the fact he got played for a fool, and he knows that he's living on borrowed time. None of these circumstances are exclusive to the undead, and they all can affect a person's psyche. His appearance in Street Fighter V evokes this, with stitched-together flesh on his face, forearm and torso made more obvious because said flesh is a different, darker colour.

For Halloween, his costume takes it even further, with neck bolts added to make the connection even more obvious. The Glasses Come Off: His fight intro in the Alpha series. Capcom Fighting All-Stars would have averted this, however. This is averted in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter Alpha 2

The glasses are for show. Charlie has perfect eyesight. He may be back in V, but it's clear that the process used to revive him has left him a mismatched horror, complemented with a shift to a far darker personality and by further association, move-set. Subverted somewhat; the mismatched appearance and unnatural powers may be related to the revival process, but his new ruthless approach has everything to do with the events that put him in that grave.

Additionally, he can be heard muttering "Too easy! A variant in the Tragedy Assault. Charlie's win quote against Necalli seems to indicate that even he knows that he is going too far in his pursuit of revenge.

Especially in a battle between monsters